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May 31, 2016

4 Ways to Keep Kids’ Teeth Safe in Summer

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To kids summer is a time to play outside, go swimming, and enjoy all different types of adventures.  Even thought it’s a carefree time of year, it’s still important for them to take care of their teeth.  Below are 4 simple ways you can keep their teeth safe as the play from dawn to dusk.

  1. Good Oral Hygiene: Sometimes lackadaisical schedules leads to not brushing as often.  It is important to set your brushing routine and stick to it. For younger children make a chart of checklist of things to do each day and make it fun for them to check off each time they brush. The importance of brushing at lest 2 times per day is imperative to maintain a “cavity-free” environment.  Summertime is also a great time of year to get your teeth cleanings scheduled. There is no worry of missing any school time.
  2. Diving: If you plan on doing any scuba diving this summer you may experience something called “tooth squeeze.” or pain in the center of the tooth.  The changes in air pressure combined with divers biting too hard on the regulators can result in jaw pain, gum issues or tooth pain. Have the whole family’s teeth cleaned and examined prior to any scuba excursions.
  3. Pool Safety: many summertime dental injuries occur around the pool. Two of the most common causes are slipping or falling, and playing too rough. Talk to your children to make sure they do not run around the pool or roughhouse in or around the pool. You only have 1 set of adult teeth and severe injuries can lead to a lifetime of dental procedures. 
  4. Summer Sports: When playing any contact sport – even if it’s just for fun – make sure your children wear helmets and dental mouth-guards. Mouth-guards prevent more than 200,00 dental injuries each year. They are easily made by Ted Hume DDS, and can be ready within a few days.

Summertime can go from fun to injury in the blink of an eye.  Keep you children safe and always contact Ted Hume Dental to schedule your professional dental cleaning appointment and check-up to maintaining a bright & healthy smile!


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