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September 20, 2014

Introducing a Better Way to Improve Patient Comfort: Onset® Precision Anesthesia

462389477Local anesthesia is a vital and commonly used tool in dental treatment, allowing oral healthcare professionals to perform a variety of services without causing patient discomfort. The initial sting of anesthesia as it is administered, however, is still a frequent complaint from patients of all ages; no one likes the feel of a needle or waiting for minutes at a time to become fully numb. Fortunately, patients of Dr. Ted R. Hume, III no longer need to fear the pain commonly associated with local injections. With the revolutionary pH buffering technology of the Onset® anesthetic device, it is now possible to administer local anesthesia quickly, accurately, and with less discomfort than ever before.

What are the Benefits of Onset® Precision Buffering?

For decades, dentists and oral healthcare researchers have searched for a way to administer painless dental injections in order to better serve the needs of their patients. At Dr. Hume’s Dallas dental office, you and your family can now find just that. With Onset® precision anesthesia buffering, patients receive the exact amount of local numbing agent they need without the pinching sting typically associated with the initial injection.

Onset® effectively alters the pH level of the anesthetic, reducing its acidity and eliminating the pain so many patients actively fear. In addition, the anesthesia goes to work immediately rather than taking multiple minutes to kick in. This means that Dr. Hume and his team can get to work right away; your level of comfort is consistently monitored and you spend less time waiting in the dental chair. Even patients with active infections report painless relief in mere seconds with Onset® precision buffering, and now you can enjoy the same benefits.

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Have you been putting off important dental treatment because you dread the pain of anesthesia injections? Perhaps you’ve experienced anesthesia that wears off too quickly or takes too long to take effect. At Ted R. Hume, III, DDS in Dallas, TX, we invite you to discover the amazing difference that our advanced Onset® anesthesia buffering can make in your next dental experience. We genuinely care about your comfort and safety, and our team looks forward to showing you how what an impact our state-of-the-art technology can make.

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