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Superior Dental Technology in University Park, TX

Dr. Hume and our experienced oral healthcare team are happy to announce the addition of two new innovations in dental technology here at our Dallas, TX practice: the Picasso Lite soft tissue laser and the Isolite dental isolation system.

Picasso Lite Soft Tissue Laser: A Whole New Level of Patient Care

Laser dentistry has dramatically transformed the way oral health professionals administer a variety of treatments, including gum disease therapy, root canals and more complex restorative procedures and cosmetic dentistry. With the FDA approved Picasso Lite dental laser, Dr. Hume offers a comprehensive menu of services that are made substantially more effective and more comfortable for the patient. The Picasso Lite laser enables more rapid healing following treatment by actually stimulating the natural healing process as it works to remove damaged or decayed tissue. Scalpels and sutures are not used, so patients enjoy a shorter recovery time as well as an incomparable level of comfort.

Isolite System for Unparalleled Patient Comfort & Safety

Patient safety and comfort are among our chief concerns at Dr. Hume’s practice, and we are always working toward enhancing your experience in our office. With the Isolite dental isolation system, Dr. Hume is able to perform a variety of services and procedures with unprecedented speed, exponentially decreasing the amount of time you spend in the dental chair.  Dr. Hume can address issues in all four quadrants of the mouth faster than ever before, rather than relying on a rubber dam to isolate only one area at a time. In addition, the brilliant LED light fully illuminates the entire mouth for unsurpassed clarity and precision.

The revolutionary Isolite mouthpiece keeps the patient’s mouth comfortably open, positioning and protecting the tongue and cheeks while the doctor or hygienist works. The back of the mouth and airway are also constantly protected, and the continuous vacuum suction instantly removes any moisture or debris from the mouth.  Patients no longer worry about swallowing something they should not, or fear that their jaw will grow too tired to keep their mouth open for the duration of their treatment.  Exams, cleanings, periodontal therapy, root canals, and dental implants instantly become easier, faster, and exceedingly more comfortable with the use of the Isolite system at Dr. Hume’s office.

Only the Best Technology for Our Valued Dallas Patients

At the Dallas, TX dental practice of Dr. Ted R. Hume, III, we believe that our patients deserve only the best in cutting edge technology and services. That is why Dr. Hume is committed to delivering the latest advancements in the industry to each of his patients, consistently giving them the numerous advantages that come with state of the art dental technology like Isolite and the Picasso Lite Laser. Contact our office today to learn more about how these additions to our high tech, family friendly dental practice improve oral health and general wellness overall. We look forward to seeing your beautiful smile!

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