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Preventive Dentistry in Highland Park, Texas

What is the best way to address oral health problems? We believe that the key to keeping the mouth healthy is through preventive dentistry.  We seek to stop all problems before they have a chance to ravage teeth and gums and cause advanced damage.  Dr. Hume takes preventive dentistry very seriously.  Our office can help patients remain healthy through regularly scheduled dental checkups, cleanings, and more.

Preventive dentistry is a team effort. Dr. Hume works to make sure that patients are keeping up with oral hygiene routines at home, along with providing education about how to best care for teeth on a daily basis. Beyond brushing and flossing, we encourage patients visit us twice yearly for dental checkups and hygiene appointments.

During preventive dental checkups, Dr. Hume will check gums for any signs of disease. Gum disease can often be difficult to diagnose.  Patients can unknowingly be suffering from this exceedingly common oral health issue because of the lack of symptoms. Gum disease threatens oral health in a variety of ways, ultimately causing tooth loss in some cases.  Additional problems that Dr. Hume will look for during dental checkups include cavities and oral cancer.  Cavities caught in their earliest stages can be treated with conservative treatment to prevent extensive damage.  Oral cancer is an extremely dangerous disease that can be difficult to diagnose. Dr. Hume is trained to find small changes that will lead to an early diagnosis and treatment.  Early treatment is the key to defeating this common disease that can be life threatening.

Coupled with your dental checkups, we will perform a thorough professional dental cleaning every six months, removing hardened plaque and tartar to prevent buildup from threatening your ongoing health.

Nightguards are used to prevent nighttime teeth grinding from seriously damaging teeth and jaws. Teeth grinding can cause a range of problems, including wearing down teeth, loosening teeth, breaking and chipping teeth, and even tooth loss. The pressure of grinding and clenching can also put a strain on the jaw joint and cause chronic pain.

Dr. Hume will also provide you with information on how diet, smoking, and other lifestyle choices play a role in oral health.  If patients need help modifying behaviors in these areas, he can provide resources to help.

For excellent preventive dentistry in Dallas, Texas, contact the office of Ted R. Hume III, DDS and make an appointment. Not only do Dr. Hume and the team provide excellent clinical preventive dentistry, but we have a lot of fun while we do it!

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