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Dental Care Services for Dallas, Texas

What types of dental care services does our office offer?  Dr. Hume is experienced in a variety of dental care services, and he has strived  to keep up with innovations in dentistry that make sure that our Dallas, Texas dental office is capable of helping achieve and maintain oral health for a lifetime.

What kinds of dental care services are included?

Patients can visit our office for regular dental checkups and cleanings every six months, as well as complete oral rehabilitation through restorative dentistry and sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Hume has continued his education, since graduating from dental school in 1995, so that he can perform skilled smile makeovers with cosmetic dentistry treatments and offer advanced options for tooth replacement with dental implants.

Dr. Hume believes in conservative treatment.  He will always recommend the least invasive dental care service that will still meet the patient’s needs. We want to help patients maintain as much of their natural smiles as possible.  We highly recommend that patients visit our Dallas, Texas dental office twice a year for preventive dentistry. While Dr. Hume is a highly trained restorative dentist, it is always best to avoid problems in the first place with professional cleanings and checkups!

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